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Windows Server 2019: Innovative Operating System

The Windows Server 2019 server operating system is the latest operating system developed by Microsoft for servers. Windows Server, a Microsoft server, has been developing itself since 2003 and unveiled new releases. Therefore, Windows server 2019, which includes many popular features such as DNS and DHCP server, is quite simple and understandable in terms of installation. In addition, due to its uncomplicated structure and optimizer effect on networks, the server, which is often preferred, has also developed in terms of firewall. In this way, Microsoft, which values its data and wants to protect them, has also developed itself in terms of servers and aims to offer the best.

Servers where software can be installed and shared within devices must be advanced in speed and security. Servers that are especially savior for e-commerce sites should have high values such as ram and CPU. For this reason, Microsoft aims to offer the best to its users with the servers it has developed in-house, taking into account all this information. In addition, Windows Server, which has the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, has maximized its speed with the 2019 release. Equipped with special technology that does not allow vulnerabilities, the 2019 version of the server protects its users from all aspects. As a result, Windows Server 2019, built with high ram and CPU values, is finely designed to meet all today’s needs.

Developed security system of Windows Server 2019

Microsoft is mainly set out of the principles of security and troubleshooting while developing its products. Therefore, it is aimed to offer the best to users. As with other products, Microsoft has based this product on improving security system troubleshooting based on the same basic principles for its servers. The protection of offline and online modes is enhanced in the Windows Server 2019 full package developed on this basis. In addition, Host Guardian Service (HGS), a kind of security control that enables virtual machines to be run, was developed and backed up in the 2019 release. This allows two separate HGS in offline mode to work together, starting to double-check the security protocol. In this context, Windows Server allows you to configure a second URL group to check your accessibility to the virtual machine group.

System run started protected in online mode in previous versions is also started under protection in offline mode in Windows Server 2019. In addition, Microsoft, an industry pioneer in Troubleshooting, has made it easy to troubleshoot protected virtual machines in Windows Server 2019. Also for this, VMConnect has been developed for Windows Server 2019 users. It provides Session Mode and PowerShell Direct support. Automating these features that do not require configuration, the server also supports the principle of practical use. With the 2019 release, Windows Server, which supports running Linux servers, has begun to offer easy-to-improve connections. The version emerged with faster and secure web allegations automatically reduces connection errors and changes the TCP congestion provider as Cubic.

Unique Innovations in Storage

The Windows Server providing storage service provides an advanced technology on facilitating the transfer of servers to a new version. Therefore, the storage transition service providing an advanced service provides the user to transfer all data to the new server. In this way, there is no need for changes in terms of applications and time savings are realized. Therefore, in the 2019 version, which also made a number of changes to direct storage, the server serves users more functionally. Just complete the purchase of Windows Server 2019 Essentials so that you can benefit from unique storage innovations.

Local support for persistent memory is provided in 2019, making it possible for users to see the server’s performance history. In this release, Windows Administrator center support is added, scaling per cluster is increased to 4 PB. The 2019 version, which is twice as fast, features storage replication, drive latency detection, and manually limiting volume limits. Adding an innovation to ReFS units, the 2019 release added deduplication and compression to the units. Increasing flexibility for convergence, Windows Server has also added two sets of servers using USB flash drives to its technology. These are all advanced innovations provided by Microsoft to provide seamless server support.

Windows Server 2019 Advanced System Insights

With the release of Windows Server 2019, users do not need to worry about system errors, and possible errors begin to be fixed earlier. System predictions added to the 2019 release are a set of technologies developed on predicting and troubleshooting possible errors. System predictions, which became active after the buy Windows Server 2019 Datacenter process, entered the life of technology lovers in the 2019 version. System forecasts, which provide analytical reporting to their users based on local forecasting, facilitate the effective solution of problems. System Insights supported by the machine learning model are based on predictions and analyses of how servers operate.

Internal Antivirus Software Incoming with Windows Server 2019

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which works like anti-virus software, has been added to the 2019 release to detect malicious files. Software activated after Windows server 2019 download process it can detect and end memory and kernel-level attacks. In this way, ATP software with deep and advanced sensors is aimed at maximizing system and server security. In addition, the 2019 release, which added a new protection against host attacks, has started using Exploit Guard technology. This system, consisting of four components, blocks malware by using the server lock feature to prevent potential attacks.

Adding Everything expected from anti-virus software, Windows Server 2019 has also developed Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) against ransomware. In particular, this new software, which detects suspicious images, files, emails and behavior, prevents the host from being affected by it. In the 2019 version, Windows has developed Defender SmartScreen technology, which also uses a special technology for Web-based threats. Thanks to this technology, Win Server 2019 ensures that untrusted IP addresses are blocked, as well as comprehensive end-to-end protection. The 2019 version of the server, which also includes new technologies such as code integrity, is equipped with as much security as possible. Users who want to include their devices in the Windows security circle must purchase Win Server 2019 key.

Experience A Unique Desktop Experience with Windows Server 2019

One of the features of Windows Server 2019, which also improves the desktop experience, is that it is easy to install. This is also very liked by users. The fact that complex software such as Server is so easy to install and have an easy-to-understand interface makes Windows stand out in the market. The 2019 version Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) is a server software developed on the version. Therefore, Windows Server 2019 brings its users the desktop experience with server software. When using the operating system, the server also offers its users the option between Server Core and the desktop, thus leaving you all control.

Buy Windows Server 2019 : Accelerated System Support

The speeds that servers offer is one of the most important details that they are preferred over another server. Aware of this, Microsoft has gone quite far in the 2019 release on speed and has revealed the best. In addition, leading to infrastructure improvements on computer clusters, Win Server 2019 guarantees a unique speed experience after purchase. Therefore, the system requirements of Windows Server 2019, which makes computer clusters compatible with Azure, no longer use NTLM authentication. Server 2019, which includes features such as backup in the failover cluster, persistent memory support for virtual machines, and the development of file shares, is quite ambitious. You can also purchase an original license with the assurance of Microsoft Partnership and our company so that you can join the fast world of Windows Server 2019.



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