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Buy Windows Server 2016. It is an original product approved by Microsoft. The product key will be sent to you by e-mail. Take advantage of our campaign prices and buy Windows Server 2016 License.

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Improve Server Performance with Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 purchase, which has advanced technological features in the server area, can be completed immediately with the Buy button. Server versions developed by Microsoft are liked and followed and used by technology lovers. Windows Server 2016, which is a member of the Server family and includes each of its recent technological developments, has also entered the technological life. Developed simultaneously with the Windows 10 version, the 2016 version is considered quite innovative, as it offers much more than expected. As a result, this version of Windows Server, developed thanks to versions that have been improved over time, has been compatible with the Windows client and the Microsoft Azure team.

Windows Server 2016, which offers a stylish interface with practical use, is quite innovative and easy to install. The architectural design of version 2016, equipped with technology, is built in depth, and technology lovers are guaranteed the best for a server operating system. For this reason, Windows Server version 2016, which has adopted a unique innovation technology, has also brought advanced customer solutions. This way, version 2016, which is home to powerful innovations in storage spaces, has also maximized security measures. As a result, users are very satisfied with this version of Windows Server, which also uses the latest technology for virtualization networks Hyper-V.

Architecture Design of Windows Server 2016 Equipped with Technology

Developed with a new technology and seen far beyond previous versions, Windows Server 2016 is also exciting in terms of features. Version 2016, which includes many details, from advanced clustering to network protection technologies, has been improved on performance and stability. In addition, this version offers lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) technology, which allows its users to authenticate users stored in directories. Version 2016, which has developed several measures for the firewall, develops Windows Defender and AntiMalware technologies and provides them to its users. As a result, this version, which takes OpenGL 4.4 and OpenC technologies into its architectural design, has also greatly improved storage services.

All storage features become active after purchasing Windows Server 2016 key. Version 2016, which also makes voice-based synchronization possible, has also introduced storage replication technology into users ‘ lives. In addition, this version, which takes a number of measures in terms of proxy settings, has managed to make backend redirects healthier. Windows Server, which began to support HTTP/2 technology with this version, also switched to Version 5.1 of PowerShell technology. As a result, version 2016, which uses Soft Restart technology to speed up boot operations, has made Windows Server more practical for its users.

Advanced Version Support That Comes with Server 2016

Advanced version support is a method that Microsoft uses for each product. Microsoft, which gives importance to development, especially in terms of its servers, releases 4 different versions after each version. One of them, buy Windows Server 2016 Essentials, can be performed through our company at the most affordable price. Designed specifically for working network infrastructure, Windows Server 2016 Essentials is a highly advanced version in terms of features. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, this version perfectly supports 25 to 50 users.

Version 2016, which has four versions that support various user numbers, is also specially designed according to the number of users of enterprises and home networks. In addition to the four major versions of each version, Microsoft has published two separate versions in this version. Versions known as version 1709 and 1803 have entered the life of technology lovers after Windows Server’s 2016 version. Version 1709, called a semi-annual channel, is equipped with server core and nano server modes. The version 1803, known as the second semi-annual channel release, provided the addition of 2018 updates to the 2016 version.

Advanced Technology with Renewed Windows Server 2016

The unique innovation technology is not a surprise development for Windows Servers for many years. Windows Servers, which manage to surprise their users in each version, are therefore preferred frequently and confidently. Each version of Windows Server is far beyond the technology of the period. One of them, Windows Server 2016 Datacenter purchase, can be performed from our company using secure payment methods. This version, like other versions, brought with it various innovations.

All versions, especially released under the name version 2016, are astonishingly developed in terms of nano servers. Nano servers, which also make the new storage features unique, have also brought with them the updating of old OSS. Version 2016, developed specifically for Hyper-V’s and Shielded VMs, has made it possible to make some changes without the machine being offline. This version, which allows them to upgrade RAM even when VMs are open, is innovative enough to amaze their users. Supporting all these unique innovations with an advanced firewall, Windows Server version 2016 guarantees a secure and improved server experience.

Customer-Focused Solution Support

Microsoft makes a great effort, especially customer-oriented, in product development. In addition, Microsoft, which aims to detect possible errors from the front and improve the user experience, is also developing Windows servers in this direction. This version of Windows Server, which offers RDP and GPU improvements, has worked exclusively customer-oriented. The version 2016, which guarantees a detailed and advanced service for its customers, has also gone to improvements in issues such as service providers and VDI scenarios. All this has been identified as the small features that users want users to be developed in the previous version. If you want to get information about Windows Server 2016 in detail, you can contact our company and discover our customer-oriented solution support.

Advanced Firewall with Windows Server 2016

In terms of security measures, Microsoft can always maintain their servers without the need for an extra software plan. Despite this, Microsoft does not refrain from continuing to improve itself to minimize possible vulnerabilities in each release. In addition, in Windows servers, where IT providers networks, Microsoft, which cares about security, weaves an advanced security network from users ‘ identities to servers. In the 2016 version, Microsoft has also expanded this network, adding Credential and Device Guard technologies to its security technology. For this reason, version 2016, which offers a more secure infrastructure operating system to its users, also supports blocking the desired features with Applocker. You can also get detailed information about the price of Windows Server 2016 from our company to meet Microsoft’s secure servers.

Buy Windows Server 2016 : Discover Powerful Innovations in Storage

Windows Server 2016, which guarantees an advanced management panel, does not cause any problems for its users in terms of activation. Crowning its innovations with an easy management panel, version 2016 guides you in a practical way. In this way, Windows Server, which allows you to enjoy all the innovations, also provides a number of innovations in storage. Storage areas are of great importance for Windows Server versions, which are shaped by future technologies, and are being developed accordingly. One of these versions, Windows Server 2016 Standard, can be purchased from our company using secure payment methods.

The 2016 version, which went for innovations in storage areas, managed to reduce the cost. This version provides the improved performance of industry-based storage networks with low cost and power consumption, providing unparalleled efficiency. Version 2016, which incorporates storage directly into the data center, began to support Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) and NVMe. Nano server, a revolutionary Server feature, entered the life of technology lovers with version 2016. Nano servers that maximize system efficiency; It performs 93% smaller VHD size and 92% less critical updates.



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