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Buy Windows Server 2012. Have Server 2012, one of the popular operating systems developed by Microsoft for servers. Buy windows server 2012 license now.

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Windows Server 2012 Best Operating System Developed

Windows Server 2012 is one of the operating systems with advanced system capabilities produced for servers. Microsoft, which has been manufacturing servers for nearly 20 years, has called its servers Windows Server since 2003. For this reason, version 2012, which was introduced as the third generation in 2012, was developed after Microsoft Server 2008 R2. Windows Server, which has excited users since the moment of introduction due to its integration into the private cloud system, offers its users increased security measures in this version. In addition, version 2012, which takes advantage of every detail of developing technology, has been developed with an architecture that is far beyond the era.

The servers that control incoming and outgoing traffic on the computers on which they are installed must be quite fast to provide this traffic. For this reason, Microsoft has developed all of its servers on this, sensitive to speed in every software within its body. For this reason, Windows Servers, which promise unmatched speed experience, are further improved and developed in each version. Windows Servers, which guarantee the best service for technology lovers, have a convenient panel in terms of supervision and administration. In addition, Windows Server 2012 improves the experience of technology lovers with details about disk management and control of other areas.

What’s New with Windows Server 2012

Win Server 2012, which brings with it great innovations compared to previous versions, displays its innovations for its users after the activation process. For this reason, remote connection, which became possible with the 2012 version, is far above the access features of other versions. In addition, version 2012, which makes it possible to connect to personal networks from anywhere and from any device, has been improved in terms of security for private clouds. Introducing private clouds to its users for the first time, Windows Server provides a dynamic and easy-to-understand server platform for these clouds. Working in-depth on storage technology, Microsoft added flexible storage features to version 2012. Windows Server, which offers various storage areas to its users, made it possible to manage storage areas in its 2012 version.

It has equipped the Windows Server 2012 version, where security is maximized, with Fair Share technology to ensure that virtualizations are balanced and distributed. Version 2012, which can calculate possible problems with predictions and analyses, has also increased its availability and efficiency for its users. In addition, the version 2012, where automations occur faster in management tasks, is brought closer to perfection in terms of deployments of both management and workloads. In this version of Windows Server, where management and centralized control are facilitated, the management panel is made easier to understand. In version 2012, in which Hyper-Vs are also strengthened, parallel work with the operating system was made possible.

Unique Versions of Windows Server 2012

Windows Server, which meets technology lovers with four separate versions, aims to offer its users what they need. Built integrated into private cloud environments, Windows Server 2012 Datacenter is for highly virtualized environments. The version 2012 developed for low-level or physically virtualized environments is Windows Server 2012 Standard. Also, another version of the series that allows up to 15 users is Win Server 2012 Foundation, which is very successful and loved by businesses. Windows Server 2012 Essentials, which is also a version developed for businesses, serves more users than Foundation.

As you can see, Windows Servers have various solutions for every user type. In addition, it provides hosting suitable for workplaces with different solutions it has developed for small companies. On the other hand, version 2012, which provides an advanced panel management for workplaces, makes it easier to keep the details of incoming and outgoing transfers under control. Again, thanks to the unique cloud technology used by version 2012, business data can be stored within security circles. As a result, you can perform your 2012 version buy Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials transactions from our company, which is ideal for small businesses.

Improved Virtual Desktop Structure

Developed on a unified management experience, Windows Server version 2012 has made it easy to direct many details from the same point. Buy Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter transactions, for which improvements are made especially in VDIs, which are known as virtual desktop infrastructure, can be carried out from our company. Also capable of recording a wide range of device support, version 2012 achieves high scalability without sacrificing performance. Version 2012 with advanced features for virtual desktop provides support for software GPU and VDIs. As a result, Windows Server provides high-latency networks and also provides enhanced graphics processing support for version 2012.

Version 2012 is equipped with numerous technical improvements for WAN networks, allowing you to experience software such as Windows Aero. In addition, Windows Server, which supports you with WAN improvements on low-bandwidth connections, supports you to stay connected at all times. Version 2012, which makes use of many features even in remote desktop environments, has also been developed to support a wide variety of USB devices. Developed for low bands, RemoteFX media routing allows you to enjoy the multimedia experience in all conditions. As a result, version 2012, which developed a special desktop application for touch device users, meets the wishes and demands of its users in every aspect.

Windows Server 2012 System Requirements

For easy integration, the Win Server 2012 download is designed to be handled by a simple series of operations. Spreading its practical use in every field, Windows Server 2012 is also very easy to understand and guiding in terms of installation. Windows Server, which also provides such a practical server while keeping system requirement to a minimum, aims to make the 2012 version available as much as possible. 32-bit (IA-32) or Itanium (IA-64) For version 2012, which is known not to support processors, the architecture must have at least 64-bit software. In addition, the version 2012 provides flawless integration, which requires at least 1.4 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 32 GB of free space to work.

Windows Server 2012 Increased System Performance

Microsoft aims to win the appreciation of users by offering various improvements in each new version of its products. For this, it has provided various and strengthened improvements especially for Windows Server 2012. It also offers its users the best. Version 2012, which has various saving modes in terms of power consumption, is equipped with increased system performances in every respect. In the version 2012, the power usage and consumption of the system were optimized, and the principle of working so sensitive that the users could not feel was developed. Win Server 2012, which has visible improvements compared to previous versions, also provides a wide functionality to its users with safe mode. As a result, version 2012, which works as fast and sensitive as an anti virus software, protects the server and users with security measures.

Buy Windows Server 2012 : Take Advantage of the Affordable Price Guarantee

Windows Server 2012 has set a budget-friendly amount for its users in terms of price and has made technology lovers happy. Windows Server version 2012, which is a very successful server version in terms of price and performance, is the ideal network provider to save money. Our company, on the other hand, provides the best price guarantee, serving in Microsoft Partnership, and supports the budget-friendly principle of Windows Server. You can take action without wasting time to purchase original licenses with our unique price policy, which you can take advantage of with the buy now button. In addition, you can purchase Win Server 2012 R2 Standard, which works flawlessly with original licenses, with one click from our company. Thanks to our secure payment methods and our license keys that are delivered immediately, you should not delay in stepping into a unique technology and management panel.



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