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Buy Windows 11 Pro. Microsoft continues to renew its operating system, Windows, without slowing down. Microsoft, which has recently regained the appreciation of its customers with Windows 10, has again won the appreciation of its customers with Windows 11 pro, which it has released in the past months.

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Windows 11 Pro

Before giving information about the Windows 11 Pro version, we should mention that before this version was released, Microsoft was working on the Windows 10x version. Microsoft company, which was working on the Windows 10x version until 2 months ago, ended these studies with a sudden decision and released the Windows 11 version.

Many Windows users thought that this sudden decision would cause shortcomings in the new Windows version. However, the features of the new update are such that these predictions will be destroyed.

Microsoft has always been a company that prioritizes user experience. We have seen this situation, which we have seen in previous versions, once again in the Windows 11 Pro version. The new updates that come with the Windows 11 Pro version are as follows;

Buy Windows 11 Pro

Features Coming with Windows 11 Pro

  • Revamped Power Management : As it is known, power management is one of the most common problems experienced by many computer users. Although the power management feature that came in Windows 8 and later was getting better every day, it didn’t seem like enough. However, with Windows 11, this seems to be a little less annoying. With the new power management supported by Microsoft hybrid processor, it allows a more balanced performance in computers.


  • 32 Bit May Eliminate :  Computers with Windows operating systems have come to the fore with 32-bit and 64-bit features since the XP version. However, the 32-bit version is expected to be eliminated in the future.


  • Fingerprint Advanced Security Features : Microsoft ensures that there is no need to use any software other than its own security software. So much so that many people did not need a new security software in the Windows 10 version. However, Windows 11 will bring fingerprint support in addition to these security software. With this new update, users will experience new idioms about logging in, paying and creating a safer environment using their fingerprints.


  • Cortana Innovation : As it is known, Google Assistant and Apple Siri are at the forefront of technological developments. But Microsoft is bringing new to these virtual assistants. Enjoying creating a competitive environment, Microsoft aims to present new virtual assistants to its users with Cortana. All features will be available on desktop and laptop computers.


  • Xbox Integration : Again, Microsoft did not neglect to think about the players. In Windows 11, Windows support will come, as in Windows 10.


  • New Window Design : One of the most important innovations in the Windows 11 update is windows. Now you can have oval window designs with Windows 11. These new designs can be used in many tools from the start menu to windowed applications. Those who wish will be able to use the settings to use the old design.


  • User Specific Operating Systems : As we mentioned before, Windows 11 gives importance to the user experience. At this point, Microsoft made a new update so that each user can use special operating systems according to their intended use. With Windows 11, personalized operating systems were created for content producers, family computers and gamers.


  • Dark Mode : In the last few years, many devices have come to the fore with the dark mode feature. Microsoft has also activated the dark mode feature in Windows 11 in order not to be left behind from these innovations. In this way, the eyes of the users will not be tired and at the same time, savings will be achieved.


  • Microsoft Store Update : As it is known, the Microsoft store was an application that constantly caused problems. One of Microsoft’s first goals was to update this app. At this point, one of the most important things that we encountered in the Windows 11 version was the renewed Microsoft Store. A completely new Microsoft Store appears, with both its design and error resolution.


  • Auto HDR Mode : With Windows 11, HDR images can now be created in games that do not support HDR. In this way, a clearer gaming experience will be experienced without any performance loss.


  • Direct Storage : One of the new updates with the Windows 11 version is the Direct Storage update. Thanks to this update, data in games will be transferred to video card memories instead of system memories. In this way, better performance can be achieved in games.


As you can see, a significant part of the features that come with Windows 11 have been realized in the interfaces. These new interface experiences seem to be very effective, especially for people who do their work with a computer. Focusing on user experience, Microsoft aims to provide a better user experience for its customers with its new interfaces in other Windows versions.

Buy Windows 11 Pro

What Are The New Windows 11 Pro Features, On Which Computers Does It Work?

With the new update that came with Windows 11 pro, one of the most curious things was what features this version would have. The features of the Pro version that comes with Windows 11 Pro are as follows;

  • New animations
  • Screen segments for multitasking
  • More manageable multi-desktop management
  • New boot and alert sounds
  • Touchscreen features
  • Interface with more rounded edges
  • New notification and action center
  • New Widgets we are used to from Android and iOS
  • Next generation icons
  • New dark mode
  • New taskbar, start menu and search screen

Differences Between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 11 Pro

Windows 10 Pro users are a little hesitant about upgrading to Windows 11 Pro. As such, many people wonder what differences this new version has from Windows 10 Pro. In addition to the Windows 10 Pro version, the new features coming in Windows 11 Pro can be listed as follows;

  • HDR games
  • Android apps in app store
  • New design
  • A faster operating system than Windows 10
  • New Windows widget
  • Tablet mode
  • More powerful sound
  • Ram-based acceleration

Windows 11 Pro License

Other Windows 11 Types and Features

Many people prefer to use the Pro version while using the Windows operating system. However, some people prefer to use other Windows versions because they want their features to be different. Other new versions that come with Windows 11 Professional are as follows;

  • Windows 11 Home : Version created for personal devices.
  • Windows 11 Pro : Specially designed version for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Windows 11 Education : Enhanced version for students, teachers and other education staff.
  • Windows 11 Enterprise : Version for medium and large companies.
  • Windows 11 Mobile : Specially created version for tablets and smartphones.
  • Windows 11 Mobile Enterprise : The version designed for the internet of things.

Windows 11 Pro

How to Get Windows 11 Pro, How to Activate?

Windows 11 Pro can be purchased directly from Microsoft or partner institutions. The purchased Windows 11 Pro product key can be activated with the product key replacement option. However, it is very important to get the license key from a safe place to avoid possible problems.



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