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Buy Windows 10 Education

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Buy Windows 10 Education. Get this unique operating system that Microsoft has produced for educational institutions and students. Buy an affordable Windows 10 Education license now.

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Equip Schools and Educational Institutions with Windows 10 Education

The Windows 10 Education operating system is the operating system Microsoft has released with a focus on schools and other educational institutions. The software basically uses the operating version of Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft has prepared each version of Windows 10 to target a specific user or group of users. That is why Windows 10 Education has been developed specifically for academic purposes. Microsoft recently announced that the new OS version of Windows 10 Education will be available through the volume licensing program. This version of the operating system is intended for both students and educators of various levels.

Windows 10 Education

Custom Apps that Effectively Support Learning

Windows 10 Education is built on Windows 10 Enterprise. That’s why it offers enterprise-level manageability and security required by many schools. Win 10 Education is an effective version that provides education-specific default settings for education, including the removal of Cortana. We also recommend Windows 10 Education to all K-12 customers as it offers the most comprehensive and secure version for training.

Buy Windows 10 Education

Features of Windows 10 Education

Like all variants of Windows 10, this version includes a large number of new features. Thanks to the smart start menu, you sort and view all types of applications according to your own preferences. Due to the principle of virtual desktops, working under Windows 10 no longer takes place on a single surface. In teaching, this helps you to meaningfully limit the information material and your own content and call it with just a few hand movements. As with other versions of Windows 10, in this version it is possible to call functions and information through the Cortana audio service. In terms of security, the version of Windows 10 with Device Guard offers a comprehensive package for data security.

The BranchCache application optimizes data traffic on the network. This is especially important in schools where there are a large number of devices for teaching use. With Windows-to-Go support, it is possible to carry the operating system with you in a usb memory or other storage media. Regardless of Microsoft’s features, Win 10 Education users have the option to add apps to their needs. In addition to popular application stores, Microsoft has a number of special applications aimed at educational institutions. Another concept is the use of Microsoft Makecode, which provides practical programming even for young people as a simple version. The educational version is designed specifically for this, it includes many convenient applications.

Windows 10 Education License

Buy Windows 10 Education

If you work in an educational institution and want to buy Windows 10 Education, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to purchase Windows 10 Education as a teacher or lecturer, the software is optimally adapted to the requirements of educational institutions in terms of license. You can buy Windows 10 Education at affordable prices on our website.



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