Operating System Licenses

Operating system licenses are the license of the software installed so that a computer can be opened. These softwares vary according to your computer’s performance. For example, if you have an old system computer, the software that your computer will remove is the operating system suitable for older systems. Therefore, when buying an operating system, you need to pay attention to the hardware characteristics of your computer. Otherwise, you will not be able to use your system with the performance you want if the software you install on your computer is not compatible with your hardware. However, new operating systems allow you to use even old PCs with superior performance. The reason such operating systems are made is this: Microsoft, which wants you to use the next generation of operating systems freely without having to worry about the performance of your computers, thinks a lot of its customers about this. If we talk about how operating systems work, the BIOS is activated before operating systems. BIOS is one of the most important components. Performs a self-test and initializes hardware. The computer then creates an image on the monitor and receives information about which driver it should load the operating system from.

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